Welcome to the Biomolecule Crystallography Facility at the University of California, San Diego

The UCSD Biomolecule Crystallography Facility within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry supports structural research of large biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids as well as their complexes. The Facility provides access to state-of-the-art crystallography and X-ray diffraction equipment to researchers on campus as well as outside users including industrial laboratories.

Services include single crystal X-ray diffraction on a high brilliance rotating anode X-ray source equipped with two diffractometers, X-ray optics and image plate detectors. Equipment for cryocrystallography in a nitrogen gas stream is available as well as computer hardware and software for diffraction data collection and processing. For the setup of crystallization screens, the Facility is equipped with a liquid handling robot capable of hanging drop, sitting drop, microbatch and seeding or additive screening plate preparation.

Access to the Facility for UCSD users is provided through a recharge system. For outside researchers and companies beam time and Facility support are available at competitive rates. Diffraction data collected by outside users at the Facility is property of the users and protected by confidentiality.

Professional technical support by a highly experienced Facility Manager ensures 24/7 availability of the Facility resources with minimal down time for maintenance and repair.