The Facility is equipped with a Rigaku MicroMax-007HF rotating anode X-ray generator with two beam ports and VariMax HF optics, horizontal-mount goniometers and mar345 image plate detectors. Cooling for cryocrystallography is provided by two Oxford Cryojet5 nitrogen jets.

Standard tools, stereo microscope and liquid nitrogen for crystal freezing, transfer and mounting are provided. Users have to bring their own cryoloops on magnetic mounts to fit standard XYZ goniometer heads.

Resources for diffraction data processing include HKL2000, CCP4i and iMosflm software packages operating on Linux workstations. Users can transfer data sets by ftp, DVD or to their own portable storage device with USB connection.

Support of crystallization screening is provided with a TTP mosquito Crystal liquid handler for setup of hanging drop and sitting drop plates. The Facility currently does not provide storage for crystallization plates.